Comprehensive Forest ManagementCommercialisation of Wood

  We create and manage forestry assets for our clients.
We handle the establishing and management of a forest from the acquisition of the land to the commercialisation of forestry products and services.
We offer commercial solutions tailored to the needs of each client in order to maximize the economic benefits of their forests.
We adapt our proposals according to the species, location and end use of the timber.

Consulting & Forest Development

Our history

2009 marks the beginning of our activity.

Bosques Altos was born as a forestry services company to address the growing demand for establishing and caring for forest plantations. Since the beginning we have offered solutions to the sector, carrying out planting, weed and pest control, pruning, thinning, tree inventories and guiding through the certification process of forests.

In 2012 we incorporated the commercial line of products and derivatives. We began selling wood in the energy sector and construction sector; supplying chipping plants, sawmills and exporting logs.

From that same year we began to carry out consultancies to businesses and investors both foreign and national. We made feasibility studies concerning the establishment of new forest areas and developing forestry projects.

Our services

We are a service provider to the forestry sector. We specialize in generating investment opportunities in land and wood with a long-term outlook based on building lasting relationships with our clients.

Bosques Altos

A long-term outlook

At Bosques Altos we have developed a forest management plan that prioritizes returning the maximum economic yield on your investment.

Our operations aim at achieving excellence in the planting and stewardship of forests. We seek maximum efficiency while maintaining a comprehensive view of the production system in which caring for the environment and adhering to good forestry practices is of special importance.

Key to the management of forests is the active care for the people who work in them. We are committed to the occupational health and safety of our own and outsourced employees.

Values that define us

At Bosques Altos our work is guided by the following values.
  • 1
    Active leadership
  • 2
    Continuous improvement
  • 3
    Positive mind-set
  • 4
  • 5
    Innovation & Excellence

The development of our forests is based on the harmony of social, environmental and economic aspects. For this reason, each project must be socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable.

Our woodlands

We draw up production plans taking into account the characteristics of each site to gain the best possible use out of them.

Environmental sustainability

We have a comprehensive view of the production system, considering all aspects of the biodiversity on the sites where our forests will be established. Our focus is on obtaining the best productive returns while taking special care to preserve the health of the natural resources and their role in the ecosystem.

Social benefit

It is our belief that successful business must lead to a higher living standard for those involved. In this sense we strive to generate good opportunities to those who work with us as well as ensuring full compliance to regulations regarding the occupational health and safety of our own employees and those we outsource.

Our clients

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